Melanie McCollum

Courtenay City Councillor

Courtenay is growing. Fast.

Traffic is busier and housing options are few. We need common sense, innovative solutions to the increasing demand for housing and traffic infrastructure. We need a responsible plan to grow our local businesses and maintain our pristine surroundings.

With Melanie on Courtenay City Council, you'll have a Strong Advocate for:

Melanie McCollum

Melanie McCollum has lived in the Comox Valley since 2006, when she moved from Victoria to raise her family. She quickly became an enthusiastic member of the community. She has a great appreciation for the beauty and quality of life that the Valley has to offer, and a firm belief in the importance of contributing to the place she loves. Melanie currently serves as the Treasurer for the Comox Valley Squash Club, coaches soccer, and has contributed to the school community by organizing and volunteering with a variety of fundraisers.

Melanie has a degree in Geography, with a focus in Urban Planning, and a post degree diploma in Accounting. Since moving to the Comox Valley she has worked at North Island College, initially in Student Services and currently as a Financial Analyst.

Melanie’s experience provides a strong foundation for key areas of Municipal decision-making, such as budgeting and land-use planning. In addition, Melanie is practical, principled, and skilled at bringing people together. Her insights and experience together with her connection and commitment to the Comox Valley, make Melanie the right choice for Courtenay Council. She hopes to put her skills and passion to use to achieve a number of goals for the Comox Valley.


Melanie will seek to support policy and initiatives that promote:

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"Melanie McCollum is one of the young, bright stars in this year’s local elections. She is perfectly equipped to guide Courtenay’s transition from a small city into a much larger urban center. Her budgetary and finance background, which must be respected by even the most fiscally conservative voters, will be invaluable as the city grows and the complexity of its financial structure increases. She’s smart and sensibly focused on the right issues. And, not insignificantly, this City Council needs a better balance of female voices."
- Decafnation

Grateful to live and work in the unceded territory of the K’omoks First Nation.

Last updated: October 22nd, 2018

Melanie McCollum